CPD – Scalp Acupuncture

CPD Scalp Acupuncture

Scalp Acupuncture Workshop

The workshop, scalp acupuncture (SA) for neurological diseases, is going to introduce the basic knowledge about the brain from both Chinese medicine and western medicine aspect, the location and indication of commonly used SA area, the needling and caution of SA. The course will introduce some commonly seen neurological diseases, including Stroke, Multiple scleroses, Neuro related pain, etc. In addition, assessment, measurement, and general rehab for neurological will be presented and demonstrated as well.

CPD Day Content

Day 1

  • Origin and development of scalp acupuncture (SA)
  • Review of scalp and brain theory knowledge
  • Location of SA areas, demonstration, and practice (Motor Area, First speech area, Sensory Area, Chorea-Tremor Control Area, Vasomotor Area, Foot-Motor Sensory Area, Auditory Area, Visual Area, Balance Area, Spirit-emotional area, Nose-Throat-Mouth-Tongue Area)
  • Basic scalp acupuncture needling, demonstration, and practice
  • The notice and caution of SA

Day 2

  • General introduction for Neurological diseases
  • Assessment, Measurement and General rehab for neurological
  • Scalp acupuncture treatment for sample neurological diseases: Stroke, MS, Neuro related pain.

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