Postgraduate Diploma in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Post Graduate Diploma in Chinese Acupuncture 


Fully accredited by ATCM

Programme Overview

Acupuncture has been an important tool for human health and wellbeing for over 4500 years. Over more recent times acupuncture has been supported by research studies and continues to be extensively used around the world and has growing popularity in the west.

At Manchester Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we are committed to providing quality teaching and supervised practice in the ancient art of acupuncture. Acupuncture is now widely accepted within Western society and there are more and more health professionals practising acupuncture after a short training course. They often lack understanding of the principles and philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and as the result, lack confidence to treat conditions other than pain relief. We aim to provide the students with the breadth and depth of study and clinical experience required to become knowledgeable in both the understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western view of acupuncture, to ensure entry into a traditional acupuncture profession.

The course aims to provide students with the necessary skills to begin independent practice as a traditional acupuncturist, with emphasis on holistic approach to best look after your clients’ health and wellbeing. The differences, similarities and relationship between modern medical acupuncture and traditional acupuncture are explored to give students the necessary skills to practice in western society today.

The MATCM student clinical training facility is open to members of the public offering subsidised treatment in acupuncture. There is an opportunity for acupuncture students to undertake supervised practice, reception, publicity, and research work in the clinic.

Diploma Awarded

MATCM Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Acupuncture


Our PG Diploma in Chinese Acupuncture is fully accredited by the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM).

What this means for students:

  • Assurance of quality learning facilities
  • High standard of teaching staff and syllabus
  • Students will be eligible to become members of ATCM upon graduation, or gain full registration with their chosen regulatory body, and gain insurance to practise traditional acupuncture.

Study Mode

The PG Diploma in  Chinese Acupuncture programme is a Part-Time study course built on a modular format. The programme covers four modules over two years. Teaching and exams are completed over 10 weekends per year. You will be expected to complete 200 hours of clinical practice in this two years. 

For students who do not wish to obtain the diploma, you may choose to study any of the individual weekends as part of their CPD training, to cover the topics of your specific interests.  You can also choose to only attend one or both days of the weekend.

All training is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts and will cover the following:

  1. Chinese medicine foundation and diagnostic skills
  2. Meridians and acupuncture points including point location skills
  3. Acupuncture techniques and practice
  4. Acupuncture for common diseases
  5. Acupuncture clinical practice


Assessments will take the form of both written and practical examinations in order for the student to demonstrate they have suitably understood acupuncture theory and can appropriately carry out treatments.

Resources Available

Teaching will take place at on-site at the Manchester Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine located at 52-54 Washway Road, Sale M33 7QZ or online. The academy is operated in a working Chinese medicine clinic with access to appropriate equipment, specialised teaching space, and literature.

Teaching Staff

Key staff:    Professor Mei Xing:

Professor Mei Xing became a qualified medical doctor in 1985, after 5 years of training at Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She continued to further her integrated medicine knowledge at Beijing’s Dong Zhi Men Hospital, the first affiliated hospital of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine University in 1989 and then worked at the No. 301 General Hospital of People’s Liberation Army in Beijing in 1999.

She also gained her MSc degree from Chengdu Traditional Chinese Medicine University. Prior to coming to the UK, she worked as an associate professor and medical consultant in Endocrinology. In 2001, she was appointed lecturer by the University of Salford in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She became the Programme Leader for BSc in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and was promoted to Senior Lecturer later on, until the University of Salford closed the programme. She continued teaching the acupuncture programme at Manchester Metropolitan University until 2017..

In 2016, Mei founded the Manchester Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a centre for excellence in teaching authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine in the UK, where she now works as the Principal and runs the multi-disciplinary clinic from.

Mei has treated patients for over 30 years and has made a great contribution to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as an educator, lecturer, tutor as well as a member of British Acupuncture Accreditation Committee. She has been Programme Leader and external examiner for several teaching institutes and universities, both in the UK and abroad. Through dedicating herself to excellent patient care in clinical practice, Mei has grown ever more passionate about the necessity and importance of teaching authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine to a new generation of practitioners in the UK. Mei regularly advises and gives talks to professional bodies such as the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the British Acupuncture Council and the British Medical Acupuncture Society.

Other staff: Qualified and experienced guest lecturers will be teaching various modules throughout the year. Bios of these lectures will be available nearer to the time.

Course Fees

The fees for Year One is £2980, and for Year Two is £3980. There is an additional registration fee of £300 at enrollment. Therefore the total cost of the full PG Dip course £7,260. If participants wish to attend for a day course as CPD, the cost is £300 per weekend (2 days) and you will not be required to pay the registration fee.

Admission Criteria

A diploma degree and no criminal conviction are required. However, any health professional with a graduate qualification or equivalent in a health-related discipline and therefore has a good working knowledge of human anatomy and physiology could apply for this course in the pathway of two-year study, for example, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, complementary medicine therapist, dentists and many more. All participants will be expected to complete a course application form and include details of their relevant qualifications and experience. 

Course Intake

Typically, students enrol for the Autumn (Oct) intake. However, since our postgraduate diploma course is built around a modular system, there is the possibility for students with prior knowledge to join the course at a different time. We will assess each application on an individual basis.

For students who only wish to attend any individual weekends as part of their CPD training, they can apply up to 1 week before the course commencing.

Application Procedure

Students need to download the MATCM PgDip course application form, and email the filled-in form to

Programme and Syllabus

Year One Curriculum

2 modules to be completed over 10 weekends.

Module 1: Foundation of TCM

On top of lectures, Module 1 also requires the student to have 50 hours of clinical observation and points location practice in the college or at a satellite clinic near the student’s location.

Module 2: Acupuncture Points Location and Needling Techniques

On top of lectures, Module 2 also requires 50 hours of clinical observation and needling techniques practice or at a satellite clinic near students’ location

Year Two Curriculum 

2 modules to be completed over 10 weekends.

Module 3: Acupuncture for common diseases and symptoms

Module 4: Clinical Practice: 100 hours. These must be completed on-site at MATCM.

Course Dates:

The course will start on the 28th of September 2024. Teaching will take place on the weekend (2 days) of each month for 10 weekends each year (excluding August, and December on some occasions).

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