Mei Xing PhotoProfessor Mei Xing

Professor Mei Xing became a qualified medical doctor in 1985 after 5 years of training at Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Read More




Suiyun Haung

Suiyun Huang, also known as Edwina, graduated from University of Medicine of Guangxi in China in 1983. She then continued her study in cardiology in Nanjing Medicine University in 1985. Suiyun worked in cardiology department in chest hospital of Guangxi since 1983.

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image1 smileyDr Ying Wang

Dr Ying Wang graduated from Shan Dong TCM university in 1992 after 5 years study to became a qualified medical doctor.

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admin-ajax.phpDr  Yuhong Xie

Dr Yuhong Xie graduated from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 1990, and practised Chinese medicine in a general hospital for five years. Read More




Dr Hui Nie

Dr Hui Nie studied in Heilongjiang University of TCM during 1978 - 1983, where she subsequently completed her Master and PhD in 1991 and 1999 respectively. Read More



LiuZhong Ye

Dr Liuzhong Ye graduated from Beijing University of TCM in 1997 with a Bachelor degree, later on completed PhD in Guangzhou University of TCM in 2003.

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