Dr Wang explaining Ren 4

I really wish these crucial techniques were taught at undergraduate level. They will be indispensable to my clinical practice. Thank you, Dr Wang for passing on these techniques which set our practice far apart from Western acupuncture needling.

Helen, participant on Dr Tianjun Wang’s Dao qi CPD 26th March 2016

                       Balancing Needling 28th-29th May 2016- Dr Ying Wang

“Thank you so much for inviting Dr Ying Wang who shared his knowledge and experience, even his treatment with us! His intuition, knowledge and needling technique is beyond the imagination.”

“I feel I have gained more skills and confidence to use them, so well explained and practiced”

“The whole course has been very educational, loved the practical aspect”

“I enjoyed every aspect of the course…I am very excited about incorporating this into my practice. Dr Wang explained things thoroughly and gave lots of examples”

“Feedback from the May 2016 CPD course featuring Mr Wang and the Balance Method, needling techniques, tongue diagnostics.”

“Fantastic CPD, you’ve sparked somethin in me and has got me very excited and eager to learn the Tan balance system on a much deeper level. Thank you.”

“Thank you very much for everything, you are doing a fantastic job. Well done.”

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