Tui Mox

Tui Mox

Tutor:    Suiyun Huang

Date: 15th - 16th July 2017

Time: 10am - 5pm

Venue: M.A.T.C.M. Sale

Price: £97 (£81 early bird)

About Suiyun Huang

Suiyun Huang, also known as Edwina, graduated from University of Medicine of Guangxi in China in 1983. She then continued her study in cardiology in Nanjing Medicine University in 1985. Suiyun worked in cardiology department in chest hospital of Guangxi since 1983. Her article of “valuation of ECG diagnosis earlier Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” was published in China Guangxi Medicine magazine. Article of “comparing the treatment result between general acupuncture and eight extra points” was published on ATCM magazine in 1997. She had practiced acupuncture in The Thiringham clinic from 1995. Now she runs her own clinic in Doncaster. She has created Tui Mox therapy in practice to enhance the result of TCM treatment. Her article on Tui Box is due to publish on upcoming Acu. Spring 2017

Course Description

Original Moxibustion is the application of moxa heat onto acupuncture points in order to open up meridian channels which are closed by coldness evil. However, the use of moxa in UK is limited because of its risk of flame and smoke. During over 30 years of clinical practice, Edwina has used her particular design of Herbal Thermal Sack on patients and has seen amazing results. ‘Tui Mox’ is the combination of moxibustion with direct application of thermal herbal medicine massaged on the site of the pain including the acu-points and meridian zones.

Aims of Course

    • Introduce unique Tui Mox concept;

Demonstrate its application

Learning Outcome

    By the end of this CPD, participants will
  • grasp the concept of Tui Mox,
  • understand how to use it properly
  • apply Tui Mox appropriately into daily practice,

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