Tan’s Balancing Needling & Balancing Needling Practical

Tan's Balancing Needling & Balancing Needling Practical

     Tutor:     Dr Ying Wang

     Date:       29th- 30th April 2017

     Time:      10am - 4pm

     Venue:   M.A.T.C.M.   Sale

     Price:     £180 (£160 early bird)

Course Description

Many practitioners find patients are needing to have rapid responses to their pain conditions and have limited financial resources for treatment; this course enables practitioners to meet the needs of patients in the modern clinical setting by using time honoured techniques that are rapidly effective.

Dr Wang will introduce ‘Dr Tan's balancing acupuncture needling’ technique and a range of other balancing techniques he has practised and developed over the years of his clinical experience.

Tan's channel/meridian balancing needling technique is based on the theory of The Yellow’s Emperor’s “Liao Ci” and “Ju Ci”; or needling the opposite side to the problem.

This acupuncture technique combines ancient needling techniques, Dong’s(董氏)needling practices, ‘Yi’(易) acupuncture theory and holistic balancing theory, and is a superb example of how clinical techniques have evolved in the living tradition of Chinese Medicine, to form a complete new system of acupuncture needling technique.

Balancing acupuncture is easy to learn, and very readily repeatable in clinical practice. Its rapid effects are making it more and more popular for immediate pain relief, as well as other chronic conditions presenting in clinic. It is effective in a range of gynaecological conditions, and has been seen in practice to have very good effect for skin conditions.

Aims of Course

  • introduce balancing needling technique to enable acupuncturists to use new methods for their own clinic application
  • treat difficult conditions that ordinary acupuncture was not successful
  • gain extra skills and knowledge for complex private clinical sittings

Learning Outcome

  • be able to understand the philosophy of balancing needling
  • be able to apply Tan’s balancing needling techniques as an extra skill for pain management
  • be able to critically evaluate clinical skills during practice

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