Needle Manipulation Techniques & Heritage

Needle Manipulation Techniques & Heritage

Tutor:    Dr Bin Wu

Date:      12th June 2017

Time:      10am - 4pm

Venue:   M.A.T.C.M.   Sale

Price:     £110 per day

               (£99 early bird)


Course Description

“The phenomenon of human life was discovered by ancient Chinese Doctors: There is a Jing Luo system that functioning as adjusting and healing. Modern practitioners concluded a principle how the Qi goes in the Jing Luo System. A set of filiform needling technique, which can manipulate Qi in the body, was created. "

Practice of manipulative techniques is often neglected in training, yet it is an important basic practice and the stepping stone to master acupuncture. Techniques of manipulation are not only an essential training for beginners but also a skill to be maintained by experienced acupuncturists. How many of us actually stop to think how it works? Is it the needle itself, the practitioner’s hand, or their heart?

Acupuncture technique is the key to the self-regulation system, enables the self-regulation and self -repair by the Qi inside our bodies. Acupuncture technique is the essence of Chinese medicine acupuncture, a key distinction from the Western Anatomy Acupuncture, is an important means of clinical effect of the acupuncture therapy, and is a high level technique. It is an important part of the human intangible cultural heritage: "acupuncture".

Aims of Course

  • To introduce the theoretical background needle manipulation
  • To teach various needle manipulation techniques
  • To introduce clinical application of needling techniques

Learning Outcome

After the training session, you will be able to

  • Understand the history of needling techniques;
  • Practise various needling techniques in the clinic;
  • Apply needling techniques to clinical conditions

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