Meridian palpating diagnosis and treatment

Meridian palpating diagnosis and treatment

Tutor: LiuZhong Ye

Date: 21st May 2017

Time: 10am - 5pm

Venue: M.A.T.C.M. Sale

Price: £97 (£81 early bird)

About LiuZhong Ye

Dr Liuzhong Ye graduated from Beijing University of TCM in 1997 with a Bachelor degree, later on completed PhD in Guangzhou University of TCM in 2003.

He has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in the UK since 2003, first as senior consultant for several clinics and subsequently for his own successful practice in Norwich. Over the years, he has developed his unique meridian palpation system to assist diagnosis in practice.

Before he came to the UK, he worked as a clinic instructor for English speaking students. He Joined the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in 2008, he is currently a lecturer of acupuncture and Chinese herbalogy as well as the unit leader of TCM pathology and foundation.

Course Description

Differential diagnosis is the essential key of a good result from TCM treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasises on the importance of the four diagnostic methods,  namely the inspection, listening and smelling, questioning and Palpation, in achieving a successful differential diagnosis of TCM. However, unlike pulse palpation which has drawn so much attention over hundreds of years, palpating on the body and meridians has been a hidden treasure for too long. This lecture is to re-discover the role of meridian palpation, the practical procedure and strategy of meridian palpating diagnosis, the integration of conventional pulse/ tongue diagnosis and meridian palpation. Finally we will explore some case studies to further comprehend the meridian palpation.

Aims of Course

    To understand and comprehend the practice and strategy of meridian palpation. By the end of the lecture, participants will be able to integrate conventional pulse and tongue diagnosis with meridian palpation in order to obtain a more sophisticated differentiation.


    1 introduction of the importance of palpating diagnosis (case study 1, 2)

    2 literature review

    3 palpation on meridian: method and procedure

    Locations: back shu, all 5 shu transporting points, local points


    A touching

    B pressing

    C contrasting

    Group practice on meridian palpation

    4 strategy of applying the palpating diagnosis

    A differentiation on internal organs or meridian disorders

    B differentiation on specific meridian disorders

    C differentiation on main condition from constitutional imbalance

    D decide on where to palpate and compare between different potential imbalanced meridians

    5 integration of pulse/tongue diagnosis with meridian palpation diagnosis

    A review on pulse and tongue reading process

    B integrate meridian palpation to enforce or even clarify a more precise differentiation

    6 group work on meridian palpation to be combined with pulse/tongue reading. Case study

Learning Outcome

    By the end of this CPD, participants will be able to integrate conventional pulse and tongue diagnosis with meridian palpation in order to obtain a more sophisticated differentiation.

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