Dong’s Special Points for Pain Relief

Dong's Special Points for Pain Relief

   Tutor:     Dr Ying Wang

    Date:     tbc

    Time:     10am - 4pm

    Venue:  M.A.T.C.M.   Sale

    Price:    £190 (£160 early bird)

About Master Dong

"If the diagnosis is exact, the location of points is accurate and the needle technique is skilful, the result will be quick and successful. No other school of acupuncture can surpass its effectiveness."   Master Dong Jingchang

Master Dong was born in Pingdu, Shandong province of China where his family had practiced Chinese medicine for many generations. He moved to Taiwan where he practiced his family’s system for 26 years, with many claiming he treated 400,000 people and many without charge.

In 1962, he began to teach his system to some students and left the wealth of knowledge behind of clinical practice, outside of what we refer to as TCM today, before his death in 1975.

Course Description

The Nei Jing discusses pathomechanism of the five zang, Dong’s points formulate the treatment strategy by succinctly locating the points required.

"All wind [diseases characterized by] tremor and dizziness are associated with the liver; all cold [diseases characterized by] astringency and contraction are associated with the kidney; all qi [diseases characterized by] oppression and stagnation are associated with the lung; all dampness [diseases characterized by] swelling and fullness are associated with the spleen; all [syndromes characterized by] pain, itching and sores are associated with the heart." 

Benefits of Master Dong’s acupuncture:

  • profound and simple
  • uses few needles
  • painless
  • rapid diagnosis and treatment, ideal for group and community acupuncture
  • efficient; it requires only a few treatments for acute conditions
  • very suitable for sports injuries and pain

Aims of Course

  • understand Master Dong’s system of five zang and six fu and the energetics used
  • develop your acupuncture as an effective system working outside of TCM framework

Learning Outcome

  • immediately treat patients with fast and improved clinical results
  • understand and apply the efficient system which enabled Master Dong to treat 100 patients a day
  • locate precise points and work with required needling technique

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