MATCM Postgraduate CPD Courses 2021-2022

MATCM Postgraduate CPD Courses 2021 – 2022


Date Topic Lecturer Venue Fees
3-4 July 2021
Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling-FSN Seminar

Subcutaneous and Fascia tissue

Muscles physiology and pathology

Skill of insertion and manipulation

Commonly clinical conditions demonstration and management

Dr Jidong Wu MATCM £360 (including a welcome pack with one applicator and 10 FSN needles)
October 2021 Tuina and Moxi Dr Suiyun Huang MATCM £300
21-22 November 2021 Medical acupuncture combined with Tuina technique for prolonged severe head and shoulder pain, plus precise anatomical analysis. Dr Yaxiong Zhang MATCM £300
20th-21th Feb 2022 Abdominal acupuncture Dr Suiyun Huang MATCM £300
April 2022 Treating skin conditions with herbal medicine Dr Baifang Zhu MATCM £300




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