Try Our Postgraduate Diploma Courses In TCM

Try Our Postgraduate Diploma Courses In TCM

After graduating it can hard to find something that you want to do. You may know exactly, you may have a very slight idea, or you may just be somewhere in the middle. If you have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we have just the right progression for you to step into. At Manchester Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (MATCM) we have become a leading venue for postgraduate diploma courses which will help you specialise in an area you are passionate about.

As a Traditional Chinese Medicine school in Manchester we have becoming a great destination for individuals who are looking to discover a new side of TCM from the professionals. We have postgraduate diploma courses waiting for you to enrol on, here are just three of them:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine: Accredited by ATCM you will learn more about the power of herbal medicine and what disorders can be improved by the vast combinations.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in TuiNa: Muscle testing, massage and creating a specific treatment plan will be taught to you during this course. Setting you up perfectly for your own practice.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Traditional Acupuncture: Understand and apply the practices of acupuncture for a range of illnesses and diseases.

Choose MATCM for our range of postgraduate diploma courses which you can enrol on now to secure your place. To find out more about our Traditional Chinese Medicine school, speak with our team.

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