Ying Wang

Dr Ying Wang
MD ( China) MSc Acupuncture, MATCM

image1 smileyDr Ying Wang graduated from Shan Dong TCM university in 1992 after 5 years study to became a qualified medical doctor.

Following graduation, he worked in the Acupuncture department in Jinan City Chinese medicine hospital, and was invited to England as a visiting lecturer, soon establishing Dr Ying’s acupuncture/moxibustion centre. He was then appointed as a professor of UK Chinese Medicine college in 2015. He is now collaborating on the ‘acupuncture dreaming factory’ with Dr Song Peng Guo and Dr Yujie Li.

Over the years of treating patients, Dr Wang has cultivated his passion for acupuncture, developing a broad base of acupuncture techniques. He specialises in the warming needling and cooling needling technique created by Dr Guo and Dr Li.

He specialises in Yi (易) acupuncture, Dong’s(董氏)acupuncture and balancing acupuncture technique and theory. He specialises in combining traditional acupuncture and new techniques for the best therapeutic results.

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