Prof Bin Jiang Wu

Prof Bin Jiang Wu

Prof Bin Jiang Wu

Professor Wu was born in Harbin, China. After completing his secondary school at the age of fifteen, he followed his uncle to remote counties and worked as a bare-foot doctor. When universities were allowed to reopen in 1978, and entrance exams resumed recommencing, he applied for the programme of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Heilongjiang TCM University, China. After years of acquiring clinical experiences post graduation, he was accepted into the Department of Acupuncture Research in 1985, enrolling in the prestigious China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, thereby mastering in Qigong and Acupuncture from the highest recognised academy in China for traditional Chinese medical research. This medical program was a joint approval from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. He then became one of the first three postgraduates of Medical Qigong who received a Master’s Degree in China and also internationally. Later on, he studied at Hebei Medical University and Henan Medical University of Transitional Chinese Medicine, and became a specialised doctor integrating both western and Chinese medicine. He also held the position of Deputy Director of the Acupuncture Research Department of the Heilongjiang TCM Institute and was the Dean of the Qigong Researching Department before going abroad.

Since then he has contributed significantly to the research of TCM and developed Wu's Head Massage, based on TCM meridian theory, which is taught worldwide.

President - Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Canada)
Executive Director - The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
Executive Member - The World Federation of Acupuncture & Moxibustion Services (WFAS) (Non Governmental Organisation in relation with WHO)
The Chairman of the Board of TCM Acupuncture Inheritance Committee (WFAS)

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